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Queen Mary University of London (QMUL, or informally QM, and formerly Queen Mary and Westfield College) is a public research university in Mile End, East London, England. It is a member institution of the Federal University of London. Teaching in Mile End began as a philanthropic endeavor under the auspices of the East London College in the 1880s. Renamed Queen Mary College, after Mary of Teck, the College was admitted to the University of London in 1915. In 1989 the College merged with Westfield College, a college of the University of London, to form Queen Mary and Westfield College.

In 1995 Queen Mary and Westfield College merged with St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College and The London Hospital Medical College to form the School of Medicine and Dentistry (informally known as Barts). Medical students had been informally educated at St Bartholomew’s since its foundation as a priory and hospital in 1123, while The London Hospital Medical College had as England’s first medical school, formally trained doctors since its inception in 1785. Taken together, these two historic institutions form the present university’s earliest foundations.

Queen Mary University of London Degree.

Queen Mary University of London offers a range of degree programs spanning across various disciplines. These include undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees in areas like:

1. Arts and Humanities: This includes degrees in English, Drama, History, Modern Languages, etc.

2. Business and Management: This includes degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.

3. Law: This includes degrees in Law, Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice, etc.

4. Science and Engineering: This includes degrees in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, etc.

5. Social Sciences: This includes degrees in Geography, Politics, International Relations, etc.

6. Medicine and Dentistry: This includes degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedical Sciences, etc.

The university also offers various online and distance learning programs for those who wish to study remotely.