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buy an Excelsior University fake degree. Can I order an Excelsior University certificate? buy fake diplomas. buy fake degrees online. realistic fake diplomas online. buy high-quality fake diplomas online. Excelsior College, based in Albany. N.Y., was founded in 1971 by the New York State Board of Regents as Regents College. It was one of the first non-traditional colleges in the country offering distance learning degree programs and was designed to accommodate the needs of adult learners. In 1998, the Board of Regents chartered the college as a private nonprofit, and the institution’s name was changed to Excelsior College. the New York State motto meaning “ever upward.”

The College offers programs at the certificate. associate, bachelor. and graduate levels in technology, nursing, and business. health sciences and liberal arts. Excelsior also has non-credit courses, many of which fulfill continuing education requirements for educators.

Excelsior University offers a wide range of online degree programs designed for working adults and non-traditional students. The university provides degrees across several fields, including business, health sciences, technology, and liberal arts.

Undergraduate Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business:
  • Concentrations: Finance, General Accounting, General Business, Logistics Management, Management of Human Resources, Marketing.
  1. Bachelor of Science in Psychology.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences:
  • Focuses on various healthcare careers and wellness strategies.

Graduate Degrees

Excelsior University also offers graduate degrees, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Science in Management among others.

These programs are designed to be flexible and accommodate transfer credits, making it easier for students to complete their degrees efficiently while balancing other life commitments.