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Fake diploma, fake degree, where to buy fake diploma?

Fake diploma, fake degree, where to buy fake diploma?

The Many institutes are operating in Pakistan. Many students forge their degrees for convenience, but this is a major crime with severe consequences. buy fake diploma, Many corporate entities are trying to improve their backend operations and invest in qualified human resources. Purchasing diploma is an easy way to satisfy these requirements.

Brooklyn Park University

Brooklyn Park University has a problem with Cecil Horner’s Saudi Arabia degree. So Horner listens to the conference call between the university and the Saudi embassy in Washington. He discovers that the school is selling fake degrees, which are bogus. The university is trying to scam people out of millions of dollars.

The fake degree racket has grown so large that it has a global footprint. In the United States alone, citizens from more than 197 countries are paying for fake online courses at reputable institutions. And with the difficulty of verifying these degrees, the numbers are rising. And the more detailed verification becomes, the greater the risk of buy fake degrees.

Nixon University

If you want to become a doctor or a lawyer in the UK, you can buy fake diploma from a Pakistani university. The Department for Education is stepping up action against degree fraud. Hundreds of fake online universities are operated by a call centre in Pakistan called Axact, which claims to be the “world’s largest IT company”. The BBC reports that NHS clinical staff are buying bogus degrees from Axact. But the BBC notes that there is no evidence that these buyers hold genuine medical qualifications.

The BBC has written to Axact about this story, but they have yet to respond to their requests for comment. In the meantime, the BBC has phoned the company’s website and tried to speak to an agent named Jerry Louis. The agent claims to have received permission from the US government to sell degrees. The BBC reporter tries to challenge this fake degree, but the agent walks away. The reporter is then sent to a different agent, who claims to be a representative of Nixon University in the US.

According to the report, Axact has sold fake degrees to over 200,000 people in 197 countries. It is estimated that Axact has made more than $130 million since its founding. The company is owned by a Pakistani software company named Axact, which employs 2,000 people in Karachi. The company also claims to be Pakistan’s largest software exporter. And it offers employees Silicon Valley-style employee perks.